New Business Models in Mauritius

New Business Models in Mauritius


The Digital World

Android Applications

Android operating systems developed for mobile phones, and its baby - the touchscreen, opened up possibilities for innovation and creativity. Somebody must have found it difficult to search for services and decided to put them in a single capsule. Thus cropped up applications for music, video, games, exercise, and so on. One-stop ecommerce applications became popular. Android applications are used by all major establishments, including government, banks, enterprises, to name a few.

Android App Development Services

Android applications are developed for:

● Smartphones
● Smart-wearable
● Tablets
● Televisions

These open source android apps can even serve as a portal between iOS and android devices. The smart developers design and develop the applications. Android application development services test the applications for any possible glitch. They also provide support when there is a problem, say if it crashes due to increased traffic.

Custom Android App Development

All service providers and end users do not have the same requirements. Thus the application must fulfill the needs of all users. Android applications are customized for individual needs. The development team does code audit to ensure app performance, stability, and speed. Customized development of the android app also helps to maintain the brand image. Thus, UI and UX are an integral part of the app development.

Android Application Development Company

The Android Application Development companies employ developers to develop the best application interface.

Their services include:

● Market research and validation of business plan
● Consultation
● User interface design for the best user experience
● Custom development of android application
● App test automation
● Optimization, maintenance, and support
● App update
● Device and app protection

All these services aim at presenting an appropriate brand image, using the latest technology, and are cost effective.

Android App Developers in Mauritius

Mauritian IT experts and web/app developers have made their mark as the most promising African professionals, and post COVID19, they continue to be the workforce trusted by international clients. During lockdown, the Mauritian institutions and businesses rapidly went online catering to the individual needs of the population. This is proof that our country is not only IT ready but also has trained experts to take up challenging tasks.

The Top 5 Web & App Developers in Mauritius:

1. Mobi Move – Solve your business challenges with technology
2. iFox Code – Mobile and web development
3. ActivADS Digital Transformation – When web technologies meet the global challenges of tomorrow. 
4. Panda & Wolf Holding – Creating the future, today!
5. Sphere Media Technologies - Your digital marketing partner with proven results.

Mobile App Development Services

There are android or iOS apps, applications that can plug iOS devices to android, and there are apps, which can work on both the operating systems. Companies provide end-to-end services, starting from the concept to design, research, marketing, branding, continuous support, and upgrading the app. They also provide custom-tailored services to reflect the brand image of the clients. Device and information security are the key requirements in any app development.

App Support Company

Companies use technology to approach clients, sell, receive payments, for feedback, and to address complaints online. The technology helps sellers to stay connected with buyers. It makes it easy for buyers to inquire about a product and know its availability. Such seamless movement of data between devices is made possible through apps. The App support company helps to upkeep and maintain these apps. These companies also provide internet security and ensure a stable platform.

The benefits of an App Support company:

● They provide customized solutions
● They use latest technology
● They are cost efficient
● Available 24/7 for support
● Ensure ITIL compliance
● Put SLA (service level agreement) in place
● They are experienced and knowledgeable
● Are business application experts
● Can work through various platforms
● Ensures increased ROI
● Increase business channels
● Are efficient and Stable

App support companies help to keep the conversation going as they keep a track on the customer interests and latest trends.

Popular Android Apps

The most popular android apps are:

1. WhatsApp – Instant messaging tool
2. Facebook – Social media
3. Facebook Messenger – Messaging
4. Instagram – Photo and video sharing social networking
5. Subway Surfers – A game
6. Facebook Lite – Lite version of the application for low-end devices
7. Shareit – Enables share of large data
8. Microsoft Excel – A spreadsheet program
9. Microsoft PowerPoint – A presentation program
10.Microsoft Word – A word processor

Fun Facts

● Android started out in cameras, became popular in phones, and now is seen in watches and glasses too.
● Except Android 1.0 and 1.1, all the other versions are named after sweets.
● About 1 billion people have downloaded android on their devices.
● The word Android means a robot, which looks like a man.

By Indrani Pudaruth
Contributing Writer (Mauritius)