The Importance of Training & Development in the Workplace

The Importance of Training & Development in the Workplace


       In this time of crisis, where most companies are focused on survival and sustaining the business, which are indeed really important, there is another aspect which should not be forgotten, which is training and upskilling.

Many organisations are facing a difficult time whereby they need to think about the long term but at the same time, counselling and supporting their staff, making sure they are motivated and in good health.

Hence, in the same context, Training and Coaching are very much needed. For instance, organisations need to think about different ways on how they can provide support and listen more. Their personnel are working from home which implies a different way of working and has its own challenges, therefore empowering the personnel and ensuring they are motivated are crucial.

If some organisations feel that training is not needed at this specific time, some do think that training is very much needed since the challenges are different. This situation is requiring re thinking, a change in mind-set, revisiting strategies and reviewing training. Providing the necessary support to organisations, coaching and motivating the personnel are important pillars right now so that performance is not affected. 

As a freelance Trainer and Business Consultant, this is a challenging moment but together with my other colleagues, we do think that training will still have its place. The methods may be different and this is where we need to innovate and support organisations where required. For instance, provide relevant topics that talk to them and their teams such as: How are organisations coping with this pandemic and at the same time motivating their teams? How this pandemic changed their style of Leadership? What is the role of Coaching? At this stage important questions need to be asked. 

At Antee Mewa Training and Consultancy Services, I am working on different ways of how I can support companies, for instance, training on Zoom platform since face to face is not possible. Other ways to support organisations is by providing them with course materials and content that they can upload on their online platform which is already in place. Thus, giving the personnel the freedom to keep the motivation going and at the same time be empowered and up skill themselves. 


We Are All in this Together and for the time being let us continue to be positive and plan ahead.

Antee Mewa
Training and Consultancy Services