The "Made in Moris" Logo

The "Made in Moris" Logo


Logo design has long been treated mostly as a visual communication method to represent the brand. It is no longer limited to just that. Logos have evolved into created brand personalities which help make the brand stand out on the saturated consumer market. Logos help the consumer recognise the brand and establish a unique relationship which is the aim for any good logo design. The world has become a global village due to ever-evolving technology and widening communication channels. People are bombarded with images and products from all over the world. In such tough competitive times, it is important to create a niche to support local and build a national brand image.


The ‘Made in Moris’ logo has been design with a special aim to give the local Mauritian producers a platform to come together and represent brand of quality and efficiency for the consumers. There is great scope of the ‘Made in Moris’ logo especially during these turbulent economic times. The world of visual communication is becoming more and more significant in today’s world. Consumer and service-based businesses are more aware than ever of the importance of visual recognition. Having a national logo like ‘Made in Moris’ associated with their products will give local businesses a stronger branding platform both locally and internationally. It can bring credibility to products by certifying their quality and guaranteeing their original production. It is paramount to make this logo a statement trademark that it will encourage the public to be more supportive towards local products and businesses.


A logo is the primary visual representation and core brand identification feature that ensures immediate and clear awareness.


Mauritius has been coined as the ‘paradise on earth’ island since decades. With time, the Mauritian market has recognised the importance of promoting local products that convey this image. The thousands of tourists who flock to the island annually represent a huge opportunity for local businesses to market their products as unique, specialized and high-quality treasures that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The sizable Mauritian diaspora abroad are also a huge market for such products, as they could illicit a sense of nostalgia for the taste, sight and aroma of beloved home goods.


At the same time, the ‘Made in Moris’ logo is also targeted to local consumers, who have learnt over time that they need to become less reliant on imported products. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has made this push for locally produced goods all the more imperative. Recent events have highlighted the logistical and financial difficulties of being reliant on global value chains. The logo boosts the #supportlocal spirit through the accompanying hashtag, and encourages the public to be more aware of the financial and environmental impact of their purchases.


It is assumed that trends in consumer spending will change in the months and possibly even years ahead. First and foremost, customer spending on branded products and services is expected to be reduced. This leads to conclude that they would put off significant spending on unnecessary items. Companies — big and small — are expected to face more unpredictable challenges ahead, as the world adjusts to the new reality of economic lockdown. In a way, this is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the required reforms and/or structural adjustments that were always delayed for another day. It is a vital moment for local producers to come forward and build national brand recognition, particularly in lieu of regular business-as-usual consumer practices. Now is the time for all to ‘Gather around thee, as one people, as one nation’.


By Mahwish Fatima Bayjou
Communication, Media and Journalism (Mauritius)