How about being ESG-H COMPLIANT?

How about being ESG-H COMPLIANT?

Covid-19 pandemy should and will bring a major shift in how we view economical growth. While pre-covid19, the focus of Banks and countries was to aim at being ESG compliant, post-covid 19, will have to move towards the H-compliance.

The Human factor, the Health factor, the Hygiene factor. Hasn't this been sorely missing over these past 75 years or so?

Furthermore, whether traditional mindsets expect it or not, I believe the world is in for huge wave of re-designing, re-engineering will wash over the world economies for the future 50 years or more to come.

Why so? Take the shock ripple caused by the Naval ship infection catastrophes in USA and France. This alone will force Defence to re-think spaces and issues of human contagion in critical times.

Let's think further on. On May 27th, NASA astronauts will go to the moon. Imagine one of them developing the disease?

I trust that, as always in History, Defence and R&D will lead the pace and this will benefit and influence industries worldwide. It will not only affect products per se, but also deeply modify Quality processes and standards. French use the term "lame de fond", groundswell for deep transformation which will sweep across businesses and economies. We should start thinking: how will ISO standards evolve and be reviewed as from now on?

These are indeed fertile times for economies ahead.

The thousands of deaths have set clocks right. Even though political partisanship will always be the troublemaker, yet I believe universal healthcare should and is set to become a UN prerequisite to be qualified as a developed country.

As a healthcare management expert, to Human Compliance factor, I can only add Hope for better Human Resources talent and expertise management country wise and Healthy and Humane visions to be shared by leaders and business tycoons.

Author: Roma Brijmohun